What is Tailgating?

A Tailgate Party (Tailgating) is an American tradition. People gather before a Stadium event (like a concert or Football match) to grill food and have a few drinks before the event itself. You’ve probably seen it on American TV shows, people with the tailgate of their trucks down, a cooler of beers and a portable BBQ enjoying the time before a Game in the Carpark of the Stadium. 30% of Tailgaters don't even go to the Match itself! 

Tailgating is where Fans get together to strengthen the community, much like sitting in the pub before a soccer match in Ireland, you get to know other supporters of your team while enjoying their company and having a bit of banter.

The easiest way to define a tailgate party is as a mixture of a Barbecue, a Picnic and an outdoor drinking session. Foods such as Burgers, Hot dogs and other picnic staples are common at tailgates and the consumption of beer and wine coolers (by the adults) is the norm. Games such as Beer Pong, Flip cup, Horseshoes and Louisville Chugger or Dizzy Bat(look this game up on Youtube, it’s ridiculous!) among many others are enjoyed due to how easy it is to set them up. Music is commonly played at Tailgates via speaker systems brought by fans.

The Santa Fe Opera has a tradition of a “Black Tie” tailgate party before it’s shows as it’s performed in an open air theatre (and in New Mexico they have the weather for it!). In 2007, there was uproar when the NFL banned tailgating before the Superbowl,this outrage led to a petition the next year and many members of Sports media have spoken out against the NFL’s decision to do this.

Now that you know what tailgating is, here are some top tips for a top notch pregame tailgate party!


Tips for the Ultimate Tailgate Party

1.      Have a few Beers, if you’ve read the article you should already know that! 

2.      Bring Ice and a Cooler, don’t want your beer to go warm!

3.      Wear Sun cream, you’re not in a pub and the sun –does-exist even in Ireland, be safe and wear sun cream.

4.      Show up early, get the most out of your tailgate party by being able to experience it and take your time. (We’re talking a few hours early, not half a day!)

5.      Don’t get too rowdy, everyone is here to have fun, don’t go overboard!

6.      Stay hydrated! Remember that your body needs water especially if you’re out in the sun!

7.      Represent your team with Pride! Show some team spirit!



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