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Dublin has a colourful history spanning 1,000 years and can boast of well-known literary giants but Dublin is a city brimming with contemporary air of newness. Dublin is experiencing what you might call a moment. Bubbling with energy and excitement this cool European capital has a vibe that will leave you wanting more!

So, whether you are a clubber or a culture vulture, Dublin provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the magic of Ireland’s capital and what visitors enjoy most about it are the Dubliners themselves! Whether you are planning a visit for a weekend or a week, you will have the time of your life!

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From getting around to booking in advance,it’s important to know what you’re doing so you don’t get swept up in the City and miss out on some of the amazing sights and activities that Dublin has to offer. Planning is key to getting the most out of your trip to Dublin, click below to see a number of different suggestions for day trips in Dublin…

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Walking Tours to wake boarding, sightseeing to the session there’s so much to see and do in Dublin. Whether you’re a fan of music, history, movies, literature or even leprechauns, Dublin has something to offer for everyone of any age. With so much to see in the City, it can be a bit overwhelming! Here are a few highlights that you could do on your trip to Dublin. 


Dublin is steeped in history and culture,from literature to music, the City is a hotbed for the arts. Throughout the City there are iconic statues of Irish legends and figures, oh…and the Spire.Get a feel for the City and it’s many landmarks and statues be it Christchurch or Molly Malone, here’s the low down on the most notable landmarks in Dublin!


You are what you eat, so become a bit more of a Dub by eating what’s best and what’s fresh! Be sure to experience quintessential Dublin cuisine and the best that the City has to offer while you’re here. Check out the link below for restaurant suggestions, directions and booking instructions. 

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There’s always lots to see and do in Dublin, so much in fact that we had to direct you to this handy list otherwise we’d run out of space on the website! So whether you’re looking for walking tours, a museum or gallery, the zoo or important historic sights, there’s plenty to see and do in Dublin.